Perth Marriage Office

The Perth Marriage Office has recently moved and is now located at historic ‘Maple & Rose House’ in North Perth, a stunning federation style homestead which allows for a variety of marriage options for couples.

The Perth Marriage Office now offers extended trading hours and is open from 10:00am to 7:00pm – Monday to Saturday, for weddings recognised legally throughout the world, in a traditional registry office format.

Signing the Marriage Register

The Registry Room accommodates the couple and 2 witnesses for a simple signing of the marriage register. More…

Short Wedding Services

The Emerald Room accommodates the couple and between 2 to 12 guests for short wedding services. More…

Simple Wedding Ceremonies

The Ruby Room accommodates the couple and between 2 to 24 guests for simple wedding ceremonies. More…

A wedding at the Perth Marriage Office is for everyone…

  • Couples who just want to get married.
  • Couples planning a ceremony overseas, but wanting their marriage registered in Australia.
  • Couples applying for a Fiancé Visa through the Department of Immigration.
  • Couples who only need the minimum legal requirements to be married.
  • Couples who are eloping.
  • Couples celebrating their marriage in Bali, who would prefer their marriage was registered in Australia.
  • Couples who have had a ceremony overseas and just need the legal component performed.
  • Couples applying for a Prospective Marriage Visa.
  • Couples having a friend or family member perform a cultural or religious ceremony separately.

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