Your signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage can be uploaded here.

STEP 1: The Marriage Application can be found here: www.NoticeOfIntendedMarriage.Online

STEP 2: Complete this form online and then print it out, to be signed by either party to the marriage and witnessed by a Doctor (GP), Lawyer, Justice of the Peace or Police Officer.
(NOTE: A Pharmacist is not authorised to witness a Notice of Intended Marriage Form)

STEP 3: Upload your completed, signed and witnessed Notice of Intended Marriage below.
(Note: A photo of your NOIM form & Identification is acceptable)

STEP 4: Choose your preferred marriage date.

Frequently Asked Questions:

SIGNING THE NOIM – Only one party to the marriage is required to sign the NOIM in order to lodge the forms. (I.e. If one person is not able to sign the NOIM, the other person can sign and lodge the NOIM on their behalf)

WHO CAN WITNESS THE NOIM PRIOR TO LODGEMENT – Once the form is signed by either party to the marriage – It must then be witnessed by either: A Doctor (GP), Lawyer, Justice of the Peace, Police Officer or Commonwealth Marriage Celebrant – Most couples find it easiest to have their NOIM witnessed by the Officer on Duty behind the front desk at their local Police Station.
(NOTE: The Notice of Intended Marriage cannot be witnessed by a: Dentist, Pharmacist, Nurse, Accountant, Postal Manager or any person other than is listed above)

WHO CAN MARRY IN AUSTRALIA – Anyone over the age of 18 can marry in Australia, irrespective of their nationality (or their partners nationality). Couples are not required to be Australian Citizens or have Permanent Residency in order to legal marry in Australia.

IDENTIFICATION – A passport is the prefered method of identification for marriages is Australia. If you are able to provide an Australian or Foreign passport, you will NOT require any other identification. (If a passport is not available, an original Birth Certificate can also be used as identification)

Upload Your Notice of Intended Marriage

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  • Date Format: DD dash MM dash YYYY
    Note: There is a mandatory one month notice period for all marriages in Australia. Preferred Marriage Date must be at least one month from today.
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  • Notice of Intended Marriage Upload

  • Identification Upload

    (NOTE: A photo of your Identification taken on your phone and uploaded here is acceptable) A Passport is the preferred method of Identification. If a Passport is not available, a Birth Certificate and Govt Issued photo ID is also acceptable.

    Please submit EITHER a Passport OR Birth Certificate & Photo ID.

  • Party 1
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  • Evident of termination of previous marriage upload (if previously married)

    (NOTE: A photo taken on your phone and uploaded here is acceptable)

    Please submit EITHER a Divorce Certificate OR Death Certificate. (An 'Application' for Divorce or the 'Divorce Hearing' paperwork is not acceptable as proof of termination of a previous marriage.)

  • Proof of termination
  • Proof of termination
  • Additional Comments

  • The signature(s) on my Notice of Intended Marriage have been witnessed by a:
  • Payment Information

  • Price: $ 385.00

    Fee includes all of the legal paperwork for marriage, the official Commonwealth Marriage Certificate to be ordered from Canberra, and the Marriage File for registration of marriage on the chosen date.

    Note: There is no charge for the actual signing of the marriage register on the day of marriage.

  • Click here for the Marriage Options brochure.

    No Charge:
    Drive Through Service - Sign the Marriage Register in the safety of your car with 2 Witnesses - $0 (No Charge)
    Marriage Registration - Sign the Marriage Register with 2 Witnesses - (No Guests - Paperwork only - No ring exchange or personal vows) - $0 (No Charge)
    Registering an Overseas Ceremony in Australia - Sign the Marriage Register - $0 (No Charge)
    A Fiancé Visa Letter - Request a letter for Immigration - $0 (No Charge)

    Paid Options
    Elopement Package - (Sign the Marriage Register - Photographer Included) - $495
    Small Registry Wedding - (The Sitting Room) - Includes option to exchange rings or vows - Up to 10 Guests - $55
    Medium Registry Wedding - (The Drawing Room) - Includes option to exchange rings or vows - Up to 25 Guests - $110
    Large Registry Wedding - (The Gallery) - Includes option to exchange rings or vows - Up to 50 Guests - $220

    External Marriage Ceremony
    External Marriage Ceremony - (Park, Garden, Private Residence) - Unlimited Guests - $220 (Payable at a later date)

    NOTE - Booking Fees on Paid Options are Non-Refundable
  • $ 0.00
  • (Please be patient and do not click 'PAYMENT' twice. Your documents may take a minute to upload)

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